Our network of healthcare professionals, clinics, and hospitals was built to confront chronic population health challenges and reshape healthcare to be more efficient, effective, and less costly for Mississippians.

When you join our network, you remain independent while becoming part of an alliance of hospitals and physician practices committed to quality and collaboration. Our network is built on a foundation of quality, where network clinicians are accountable for meeting key quality metrics in exchange for savings achieved by improving outcomes and lowering costs.

How does the network benefit clinicians?

Shared savings: The network offers opportunities to create value for patients and employers; clinicians can be rewarded out of that value.

Evidence-based quality standards: By participating in our network, clinicians can be a part of quality programs founded on evidence-based medicine, created by clinicians in collaboration with leading regional medical centers.

A voice in decision-making: From the practice level to network-wide clinical committees , physicians set the course for the network.

Continued independence: When you join the network, you will not lose your independence. Joining our network gives you access to shared knowledge and resources from leading health systems and more than 1,000 clinicians.

Physician-centered care coordination: Our care coordination programs are not stand-alone, phone-based services. We operate in collaboration with network physicians and offer easily accessible face-to-face services with the patient.

Network Facts

Our network includes:

  • More than 1,000 providers
  • More than 100 practices
  • 13 hospitals

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