You need to help your employees stay healthy and productive while managing health plan benefit costs. Our network can help you do both.

Our approach to healthcare is working for more than 25,000 employees throughout Mississippi.

We strive to provide significant, sustainable cost control to employers through initiatives such as clinician incentives and clinical quality programs. Through our network, you get access to a growing number of high-quality hospitals and physicians.

How our model works    

  • Aligned Incentives: Doctors and hospitals are rewarded for keeping your employees healthy, rather than billing for more services. Participating clinicians share in rewards when they improve the health of their patients and communities while also controlling costs, delivering savings to you.
  • Personalized Care: Our suite of clinical support services includes trained Care Coordinators who help high-risk and hospitalized patients stay as healthy as possible. Our care coordination programs are integrated with the physician-led care team, which enables more personalized, effective support.
  • Value-Based Approach: We partner with employers and insurance carriers to deliver quality outcomes while remaining accountable for keeping costs in check.
  • Access: From primary care to specialists to hospitals, we offer access to excellent care for a variety of needs. Our network offers the ability to deliver quality care to employers with workforces spread throughout the state.

Network Facts

Our network includes:

  • More than 1,000 providers
  • More than 100 practices
  • 13 hospitals

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