Our mission is to improve the quality of healthcare for all Mississippians while delivering value to patients, employers, and clinicians.

The Mississippi Affiliated Health Network is an alliance of leading hospitals and more than 1,000 clinicians committed to improving health and increasing value to patients, employers, and other consumers of healthcare services. Our physician-led network is responsible for delivering high-quality, cost-effective care to more than 25,000 people across the state.

The network was founded to address the urgent health issues facing Mississippi and other Southeastern states: high healthcare costs and poor outcomes, especially in the areas of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. By bringing together clinicians who are committed to quality and value, the network serves as a trusted partner for better health.

Our network was built in collaboration with the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network, a regional counterpart that offers healthcare services to more than 175,000 people in Tennessee. Our leadership team has extensive experience building and operating high-quality healthcare organizations.


Health plans powered by our network offer access to high-quality doctors, hospitals, and personalized health resources that support your employees’ long-term health. We partner with national insurance carriers to meet and exceed your benefit plan needs.

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Our collaborative network empowers your practice with support and resources to help you provide more efficient and effective care. We can help you control costs and meet and improve quality standards while preserving your independence.

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Your healthcare network matters. You want access to the best doctors, clinics and hospitals close to where you live and work, and you don’t want your healthcare costs to get out of control. We offer a network for your health plan that offers access to leading providers who are focused on quality and value.

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